Saturday, August 30, 2014

rock macarons

this summer on vacation i found some inspiration.

now that summer is practically over, and fall crafts are already here, i decided to make a few more things before i head into pumpkin blogland.
summer heat is still brewing and there's no turning the oven on right now. so how do i get a cookie treat 
without heating up my kitchen?
i'll do this: 
when you use paint markers, you have to pump the marker tip to get the paint out. 
otherwise you'll get a translucent darker color such as the darkest color used for the filling.

to get the feet color, i pumped a white marker on a piece of paper and made a tiny puddle. then i did it for the color and mixed the two of them with the white marker, thus getting my lighter whitish color.

and for the top and bottom layers, 
just pump the marker and use normally.

of course you can skip markers all together and use acrylic paints but markers are just a lot 
easier to use and less mess for me.
and if you've visited me before, 
you know i lovelovelove my paint markers!

they dry with a glossy finish on these rocks.

so in a matter of an hour i made 5 different flavors.
ok so really the flavors can be named whatever but naming these for the purposes of a blog post can also go 
a number of ways.
well whatever they are, hope you make some cuz this recipe requires no eggs, no almond flour and no worries about getting "feet" on the cookies.