Saturday, April 25, 2015

cactus cookies in a mini mason jar

ole ole!
i don't even celebrate cinco de mayo but for some reason i like making mexican fun food.
like these sleepy sombrero hat men cookies 
or these cactus churros (that are a second cousin to these funnies).

today is nothing different to allude that fact because today i made some more cactuses (cacti?). 

i have the worst green thumb ever but i think these guys came out ok.
what do you think?
i think they're funny.
cuz i like funny food.

anyway, this is how to make 'em if you like funny food too.

you'll need this:
then do this:

and congrats you have just created a smiley cactus 
and you didn't even have to water him.
(do they need water anyway?)

ok their wish is our command.

i used a cookie stamp to smoosh the brownie then used a candy thermometer end to make the hole that you can't see too well.

it's easier to make the hole so when you do this,
you won't kill your cactus plant end 
and still have a green thumb.

now time to decorate the "pot".
and now you have your cute little cactus plants complete.

dang, did someone mention hot flash?
ai yi yi yi!