Tuesday, September 23, 2014

rice krispie trick or treat bags

yippee yippee yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
fall is officially here.
which means NOW is the time for me to get on 
the halloween train!

i want you guys to come along with me cuz my head is full full full of crazy halloween ideas that i just cannot wait to share with you!

ok so first, let's fill our trick or treat bags full of halloween goodness shall we?

just smoosh the middle part with a spoon or your fingers.
then chill the bags til firm.
when the bag is dry,use more candy melt as glue on a toothpick to add the details. 
brush any loose sprinkles away with a food paint brush.
checkout this green licorice, found everywhere i looked at the stores-like walmart, target, jo ann's and michael's).
strangest ok-tasting licorice ever.
they remind me of eyes.
let's continue the craziness shall we?
i liked the wrinkles the candy made-it made the bag more realistic looking.
after the mess, 
check out your little trick or treat bags.

uh oh. looks like the count got his lunch...

whew! nothing like candy to save a life.
so don't be afraid of the candy this halloween.

lord knows we need more sweetness in our lives.