Tuesday, March 3, 2015

pots of gold chocolate mint oreos

ok so i'm not irish.
and i don't really celebrate st. patrick's day.
and i have no desire to drink green beer whatsoever.

but i do love sweets.
and i do love making stuff that justifies my eternal desire to buy anything holiday-ish related especially sweets. 
and i do love to put all those sweets together to make holiday treats that my family and friends think i am truly insane and keep asking me why i'm a nurse and not a party/event planner which makes me wonder many many times the same thing.

i think it's all the sugar in my brain.
oh well, let's just call it a day and make another treat.

today it's:
ooo! these things are really deeelish! :)
here's what'cha need:
ok so grab your paring knife and:

you may need to hold the rainbow in place for a minute to set.
i added my rainbows when the chocolate thickened a bit before it dried completely.
this way, the sourbelt sticks easier instead of sliding off.

you can always put them in the fridge to speed the drying process too. 
just stand them up IN the fridge on a plate or whatever instead of transporting them while they dry or they'll just topple over on you.
and then you're done!
i know, that last line was kinda lame but i think all the sugar is rotting my brain.
oh gosh can't wait to make another treat!...