Thursday, April 24, 2014

sombrero hat garland

when i saw these eggs at walmart over easter, 
my heart skipped a beat.
it's what happens when inanimate objects catch my eye and it's love at first sight.
it's all the color as you may have guessed if you've been following me.
aren't they beautiful?

well i had them in a bowl and now that easter is over and cinco de mayo is coming up soon, i used them to make something.

so first i grabbed some cardboard and spray painted it.
and as the cardboard dried,
i snipped my eggs and kept the larger oval shaped top.
the eggs had 2 tiny holes on top.
next i grabbed some twine, taped one of the ends off and threaded it like so:

now that the cardboard has dried, i used the top of a curling ribbon spool as a template and cut out some circles.
then i took some dollar pom pom trim from the target store and hot glued it to the edge of each circle.
can you guess what i did next?
yup i hot glued those eggs to each circle.
and i got a row of hats.
sombrero hats!

all ready for cinco de mayo!
you like amiga?
i made some edible ones too last year that i think will give you a chuckle.

and you wanna know something?
we don't even really celebrate cinco de mayo here but i am all for making crafts on any given holiday.
ay yi yi yi!