Tuesday, April 15, 2014

candy sprinkled doodle easter eggs

less than a week away til easter!
we gotta decorate some eggs already!

but i have a problem.
i am the only one who eats hard boiled eggs at my house.
well at least the decorated kind.

my picky family get all weird about eating colored eggs since a lot of times the dye soaks through if the eggs have a small crack in it which ultimately happens when you are dunking eggs in egg dye cups and getting excited and not paying attention.

and when we decorate eggs, we always end up decorating 2 dozen or so just cuz it's so darn fun.
and also cuz we crack so many in the dye process.

yes it is fun up until easter is over and i have to stand back when i open the fridge door or all the eggs will fall out.

ok so it's not that bad i guess but it is bad when i have to eat all those eggs.
i make egg salad for sandwiches, 
add eggs to my regular salad, 
stick them in recipes, 
and bring a few to work for breakfast.

so by the time a week or so goes by, i have feathers and a beak.

ok so not really.
so what to do?
stop decorating eggs?
well, that will never happen.

so i made these:
hey but what about all that egg eating i gotta do?
can my thighs handle it?

well, they can when you use these!
yup that's right.
these are plastic!
and they look like real eggs!
and feel like real eggs!
and they're cheap!
whoo boy was i excited to find these!!!

so now the decision.
how should i decorate them?
there is every. single. kind. of. decorated. egg. on. the. planet. when you google it.

but i wanted mine to be different.
so i used sharpies and sprinkles.

and i will never have to worry about eating them to save my thighs cuz the eggs have glue all over them so i won't get tempted.

let's take a closer look at the silliness shall we?

so there are the "dirty dozen".
here they are again in batches.

the sharpie markings are just that,
not perfect shapes or carefully measured out designs.
that takes too much time and we are cutting it close to bunny day!

so i just had fun even though my lady egg looks like she is wearing a shower bathing cap instead of having long golden locks with a pretty bow on it or that my jelly bean egg kept coming unglued cuz i rushed to make it.

but what the heck, they were fun to see come together.
well whatever and however you decide to decorate your eggs, hope you have an eggcellent time doing so!