Wednesday, July 29, 2015

diy donut chair

hey you, how's your summer going?

holy cow my summer's flyin' by!
we've been traveling everywhere by car 
from canada all the way to the carribean by boat.

lucky for me with the very few days 
i had at home between vacations, 
i was able to clean out some stuff out of my kids' rooms.

so i headed to good will to make 
a pretty big donation with old toys, clothes, and such, 
when my eye caught something that had me turn around after i left the donation spot for a closer look in the store.

it was love at first site and i knew 
immediately what i was gonna do with it.
yes it was a little dingy and i didn't even care 
if it worked or not, 
but still i just had to have it.
and look it still had the ikea label on the bottom of it and 
to my surprise the seat worked 
like a charm going up an down! 

i took it to my craft room and got busy...

i do! i do!
but i do love krispy kreme kind!
have any of those?
ahh! there it is thanks to dimensional mod podge :)

one more step to do.

ok so now that my chair is done, 
i gotta go get me a donut!

but it sure was worth cleaning out my stuff so i can donate stuff and get more stuff?!?!?