Monday, August 31, 2015

pencil fruit snacks

two's company.
three's a crowd.
so does that mean my THIRD pencil post is too much?

oh well. i'm gonna do it anyway,
seeing these were really my daughter's idea, cuz when i told her i was going to make fruit pencils she literally thought i meant real fruit.

so from my last post that i had thought of originally, 
came today's idea thanks to my daughter. 

ok guys, it's
this is super duper easy and i actually made these immediately after i made my fruit pencils.

i am just in shock i actually made something healthy with no candy melt involved.
jeepers what's wrong with me?! LOL

while i go and try to figure that out, 
here's how to make the edible pencils:

these are super easy to make and the kids can 
get involved putting all the fruit on the skewer, 
but not the slicing and dicing part of course.

this is also a good class snack to bring since a lot of schools are mean and don't allow homemade treats anymore like they use to in the old days. lol
just be sure to use black grapes and not olives.
i don't think that would be a win for the kiddies. ;)
and if you are serving these to little bitty tots, 
snip off the point of the skewer before 
adding the fruit so they won't get a pencil poke.
i'm just sayin' since being a school nurse, 
i've seen more than my share of those.
ok so now i'm all penciled out!
should i move onto pens now?

just kidding! i wouldn't do that to you!....?!