Tuesday, September 30, 2014

witch hershey kisses

hmmmm... what is this?
i think there may be some tiny witches back there... 
either that or they have one heckuva giant cauldron.

wonder if they are trying to stir up some witch's brew to help their growth.
if anything, their eyesight will definitely improve, 
seeing there are a lot of eyeballs in there.

just hope they don't choke on one...

so speaking of eyes, you may not believe yours when you see what i got in store for you.

or maybe you will cuz you had some witch's brew too?
nevertheless, i think the following bears sharing.
it doesn't matter what kind of kisses you use. 
i just had these on hand but you definitely need the
PURPLE ones.

and oopsies! 
you also need purple cardstock that's pictured but not mentioned.

just rip that part off.
then fix the purple foil as needed.

as the hats dry, do this:
so you'll need to cut the tissue paper in about 2x3 inch rectangles give or take a centimeter, and wrap it snugly around as shown.
line them up?
why yes because it's now time for hair and makeup.
yes there is a bald spot on those heads,
that will soon be covered up in a sec.
i believe this could be the only kind of wart on a person's nose that may actually enhance the face.
ok so now let's get those hats, which should be dry by now.
and now, she is all set.

wow there's a bunch of them!
and it looks like the witch's brew worked after all, 
as they sure did grow!
i mean, look how small that cauldron looks now!

but hey wait a sec, 
maybe they're not so big after all?!?
bet they can fit in a 3 inch halloween pail.
yay! all 10 of them do fit in there!
know what mama witch?
i think i do too :)